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Welcome to our web site! SEBA offers government agencies, organisations and individual CP operators a perfect platform to develop both their performance, skills and contacts to provide for better close protection service in Africa!


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SEBA - Brillstein Sentinel Bodyguard Association

"We are fully integrated with all elements of the Global Security Industry”


SENTINEL BRILLSTEIN BODYGUARD ASSOCIATION aims to unite and support trained bodyguards, and ancillary security staff, via information programmes routine and regular invitation ‘shoots’ and its membership scheme.
Since its initial formation, SEBA has experience strong growth - in fact we are probably the fastest growing association of its kind in SA and Sub Saharan Africa!! We are now attracting membership from all of Africa!

The aim of the SENTINEL EUBSA BODYGUARD ASSOCIATION is to bring together clients and trained CP operatives and also to train students, not only to pass the close protection training course, but to also progress to far higher levels - to produce a superior CPO. In this way SEBA’s reputation within the industry is further enhanced and we will retain the reputation of being the number one choice for VIP Protection.
Our close protection operatives have many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of CP and as such are able to offer professional and competent service to all our blue chip clients.

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The BRILLSTEIN - SENTINEL SECURITY ACADEMY was created to offer service excellence to the Security Industry in Africa. We continue to provide the highest levels of specialist security to a very wide client base. We are a South African based company with a proven and referenced track record in providing the very best in Specialist Security Training and trained personnel across South Africa and the Sub-Saharan region. BRILLSTEIN-SENTINEL SECURITY ACADEMY has enjoyed enormous success having risen to be one of the market leaders in Close Protection and General Security Officer training. People travel from all over the African continent, entrusting us to deliver to them exactly what they need to know. BRILLSTEIN-SENTINEL SECURITY ACADEMY is unlike most bodyguard training schools and academies. At Sentinel Security Academy we focus on each student individually. Our instructor to student ratio is much smaller than many of our competitors. By limiting the enrolment per course, we can offer individualized instruction in an intimate student to instructor ratio. We train in real world situations and not just a private facility where you can’t factor in real world scenarios.

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